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What Are Solid Core Doors?

If you need a secure door that lasts, a solid core door is the perfect choice. But what are solid core doors? As the name suggests, they are made of a single solid timber core, which is then lined with timber sheeting and reinforced with sturdy edge strips. This construction method creates a tough and durable barrier that’s ideal for withstanding constant use, weather and security threats.

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What are solid core doors used for?

Primarily used as access doors, solid core doors are the standard in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, such as residential homes and units, shopping centres, office spaces, warehouses, schools and hospitals. With a variety of finishes available, they can be styled to suit your needs. Because they are made of timber, it’s also easy to modify solid core doors to suit specific hardware, such as grilles, vision panels, secure entry systems, smart technology and even decorative hardware.

Are solid core doors worth it?

In comparison to hollow core doors, solid core doors are much more robust, so they are certainly worth installing if you require security and longevity. There are also other benefits to installing these doors, including their ability to insulate against outdoor temperatures and reduce ambient sounds from penetrating your space. Solid core doors also increase the safety profile of a space against fire and even smoke (if installed well).

Besides price and a heavier weight, the only real negative about solid core doors is that they can eventually develop some cracks and warping due to expansion and contraction; although, this generally only occurs after many decades of extreme temperature fluctuations and only if there is absolutely no maintenance given to the door.

Are solid core doors worth it? Yes! They are the top choice for access doors in most situations and will give you peace of mind for many decades to come.

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