Solid Core Doors

Solid core doors allow you to easily ensure the safety and security of your property, offering a heavier and sturdier alternative to hollow core doors.

Unlike hollow core doors, doors constructed with a solid core offer a level of durability, sound proofing, and fire protection, whilst remaining affordable and simple to install, particularly important when dealing with a project that may require multiple units.

Solid core doors come in a range of materials and constructions and can be installed internally and externally. Due to the variety of constructions and materials in the production of solid core doors, only some are fire rated and it’s important to consult with a specialist retailer and installer when looking for a door that will offer your desired level of protection.

Metal Clad Doors

Deployed across industries and offering a robust level of security and protection for when you need a door that will stand the test of time and nature, metal clad doors are perfect for industrial sites such as factories and warehouses, as well as high walking traffic areas such as shopping centres and stores.
Metal clad doors come in a range of materials and finishings and there are varying standard thicknesses available. Metal clad doors can also come fitted with features that offer increased function, including vision panels and air grille openings.

Our Expertise

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Commercial security doors, as well as fire and exit doors are very important to protect your assets. Don’t compromise on quality or workmanship.

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