What is a fire door? Fire doors are designed to help contain, compartmentalise and slow the spread of fire, heat and smoke through buildings.

Ultimate Doors understand there can be no compromise when it comes to safety. We supply and fit a full range of 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour and 4 hour fire door sets, designed to cover all commercial and residential applications. More than just installation however, we also offer fire door repairs.

Specialised Services

We offer a wide variety of specialised services for fire doors Melbourne wide, including; installation, replacement, maintenance and fireĀ door repairs for fire exit doors, smoke doors, fire door frames and all associated door accessories and door hardware.

  • Fire door sets are manufactured in a wide range of configurations and actions.
  • Single leaf, single action, right or left hand and double action.
  • Top leaf, single action and double action single leaf, sliding and two leaf, bi-parting, sliding doors.

Sliding fire rated doors cater for difficult or limited swing space or where maximum opening sizes are required for the movement of plant or equipment.

Our most popular fire rated doors are constructed using e-core or fire-core, containing no asbestos or other inorganic fibres. With metal reinforcement to all hardware locations they are a proven product for harsh environments. Every fire door set strictly conforms with AS 1905, part 1:2005, your guarantee of optimum protection.

Fire exit doors come in a wide variety of finishes to meet both aesthetic and fire rating requirements; paint grade plywood, decorative timber veneers, pressed 4 or 6 panel, fire retardant plastic laminates, multi faced and edged stainless and sheet steel provide limitless options. Doors can be supplied with glazed view panels and Fireproof Relief Air Registers.

Fire door sets are supplied with fire rated steel or timber frames. Due to strict rules as set down in AS 1905 part 1, it is critical all Fire Rated Doors are installed by one of our qualified tradesmen.

We are happy to provide technical data and advice and believe we have a solution for almost any commercial and residential fire doors Melbourne requirement. Whether you’re after installation of a brand new door, or looking for fire door repairs, contact us today to discuss your project, 0418 565 993 or via email.

Residential Fire Doors

A fire door is expected to be a truly high performance feature of your home. Residential Fire Exit Doors can be clad and finished in a wide range of timber and metallic skins and blend in with all other doors or be highlighted as an obvious exit.

Contact us today to discuss your project, 0413 009 070 or via our contact us page.