Trust Our Team of Expert Fire Door Installers

One of the best ways to protect your property, people, and assets in the event of a fire outbreak is a professionally fitted fire door. As per AS 1905 part 1, all fire-rated doors should be installed by qualified tradesmen.


Our team at Ultimate Doors is committed to helping our clients improve the safety of their properties and be law-compliant with our fire door installation services. We serve both residential and commercial establishments in Melbourne.

Professional Fire Door Installation for Melbourne Businesses & Residents

Owners of office and commercial buildings— including homes used for commercial purposes— are strictly required to adhere to Australia’s fire compliance legislation as part of their obligations as landlords. Your fire door may not meet compliance requirements if it:

  • Does not self-latch or self-close correctly
  • Has incorrect signage
  • Has no tags on the leaf or frame
  • Has incorrect hardware
  • Has illegal hold open devices attached
  • Is not sealed sufficiently
  • Possesses excessive gaps

Fire-rated doors must be installed properly to function and save lives in case of fire emergencies, making it crucial to have them fitted only by competent installers.

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Accredited Fire Exit & Smoke Door Specialists at Your Service

Fire exit doors are carefully engineered fire safety devices, requiring the expertise and knowledge of qualified specialists for optimum safety. With over 25 years of experience and a certification from the FPA Fire and Smoke Door Inspection, Ultimate Doors can guarantee reliable fire door installation for Melbourne properties. Our staff are trained to the highest standard to deliver professional work and superb customer service.


We’re here to help you with all your fire safety requirements. Besides installation, we also offer door maintenance, replacements, and repairs across a vast range of industries for different door types. Get in touch with us today by calling 0413 009 070, or contact us here.

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