Also known as automatic hinged doors, automatic swing doors are a popular choice among schools, government offices and commercial buildings due to their sturdiness, practicality and accessibility. However, being durable does not mean they are invincible to damage — like all other things, these doors can become worn over time and require upkeep.

At Ultimate Doors, we offer reliable and cost-effective door solutions, such as installation of automatic swing door systems, replacing faulty parts, performing quick repairs, and scheduled maintenance plans. We service all commercial properties in Melbourne.

Why Should You Install Automatic Swing Doors?

Automatic swing doors are commonly used for offices, hospitals, government buildings, shopping centres and schools for several good reasons. Besides being a sleek asset to have within the premises, these doors are secure, durable, and practical accessways — providing unaided and non-discriminative access for everyone. Because there is often no need to touch the doors to open them, they are also a hygienic solution.

They are simple to operate and can be easily modified to suit unique requirements, such as being configured to sweep open inwards or outwards. You can also choose between using push buttons or motion sensors to open them. Auto swing doors also occupy minimal space while maximising the opening width, enhancing the performance, accessibility and capacity of your entry or exit point.

Door Solutions We Offer for Auto Swing/Hinged Doors

We offer the following services for your auto swing doors:

Automatic hinged doors will begin to present signs of safety hazards and wear and tear over a period of time. These will need to be addressed with regular maintenance checks and repairs. If severe damage is diagnosed, we can help replace your automatic door system and fit a new one.

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Trusted Professionals for Automatic Door Services

As a company with more than 35 years of industry experience, our team of trusted technicians have the skills and knowledge to handle any issues with automatic doors, be it a swing, hinged, or sliding type. We are committed to providing you with professional, high-quality services and strive to ensure your satisfaction before, during, and after our job.

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