The best way to fight a raging fire in a building is to stop it from spreading. That’s why school fire doors are essential in upholding fire safety to preserve the school structure and protect students, staff members and other building occupants.

In case of a fire, fire doors delay the spread of flames, smoke and other toxic gases. But to guarantee their effectiveness and durability, these doors must be installed properly, be regularly maintained and have any issues repaired right away.

Reinforce Passive Fire Protective Security in the School

Your school’s fire protection strategy should include fire doors that have been regularly inspected and installed correctly. With skilled technicians like our team at Ultimate Doors, you can make sure your school is equipped with fully functional fire doors. We offer:

  • Proper fire door installation
  • Replacement of entire door systems or components
  • Emergency repairs
  • Scheduled checks and maintenance plans

With our handy repairs and comprehensive maintenance plans, we can also help you stay compliant with relevant safety laws. According to the Building Code of Australia, common property fire doors need to be checked and tested every six months. Meanwhile, common property doors and sole occupancy unit fire doors require an annual inspection.

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Why Choose Us for School Fire Doors?

Ultimate Doors is a Melbourne-based family business with over 35 years of experience servicing commercial doors for various industries and facilities throughout Victoria.

We’ve fixed and serviced fire doors across different businesses, allowing us to build knowledge in diagnosing their common faults and finding solutions for them. Located in Keysborough, we have experience carrying out work in many institutions, and we are familiar with school safety standards and requirements for doors.

We’re the experts for school fire doors. Feel free to contact us for more details on our range of commercial door services.

Any questions? Get in contact and we’d be happy to help.

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