Timber doors are a sturdy, durable and aesthetically pleasing addition to any design, but proper maintenance is essential. As these doors are susceptible to warping, swelling and shrinking due to climate and their environment, it’s important you stay on top of all your timber door repairs. At Ultimate Doors, our dedicated team is experienced in timber door repairs, installations and replacements and can work quickly and efficiently to repair or install your new doors with minimal business downtime. For wood door repairs in Melbourne, contact our team today.

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Trust Our Professional Timber Door Repairs Service

While self-repairs and fixes may be tempting, repairing timber doors without proper knowledge and expertise can result in more damage and more expensive repairs later on. As timber doors can change in size by swelling and contracting, we encourage our customers to contact our professional service for repairs, especially in the event that a door isn’t fitting correctly in its frame.

Our team is experienced in several types of repairs from hardware and knob repairs to frame and door jamb alterations. We are experienced in timber sliding door repairs and regular hinged wooden door repairs as well. Our repairs are backed by our quality guarantee and will stand the test of time, preventing future repairs from being needed.

Timber Sliding Door Repairs Melbourne

From warped tracks to carrier wheel problems, sliding doors present their own unique set of challenges when it comes to repairs. As these problems can worsen over time, it’s essential to repair your doors and tracks as soon as problems arise, even if your doors are still functional. If your business is in need of timber door repairs in Melbourne, it’s best to contact our team of professionals to ensure your door is back up and running, with minimal downtime.

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For more information on any of our repair services or installation services, or to find out which kind of door is best suited for your business, contact us today. A dedicated member of our team will be happy to assist you with any related inquiries.

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