Flush panel doors are the durable, long-lasting solution to your commercial or office building that won’t break the bank. They are easily customisable to the size, dimension and aesthetic of your space making them ideal for office buildings, storefronts or other commercial purposes.

Whether you’re looking to install a handful or doors around your commercial space or looking to retrofit an entire office building with new doors, Ultimate Doors offers professional service, with high-quality products you can count on. When choosing your next doors, trust the experts at Ultimate Doors.

Expert Opinions for Your Flush Panel Interior Doors

Installing doors may seem simple, but improper installation can cause damage to your door frames, hinges and the flooring underneath the frame. As doors must be the correct size to be installed at the right angle and height from the ground, it’s worth trusting a professional to ensure you have a perfect fit. At Ultimate Doors, we have an experienced team ready to ensure you have the proper sized doors for your space and have the tools on hand for correct installation.

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Types of Flush Panel Doors

Flush panel hinged doors come in a variety of materials, designs and finishes, making them seamlessly fit with any design. The core of the door can be either solid timber or a lighter alternative such as honeycomb cardboard or plastic, for additional durability. On the exterior, wood or fibreboard covers the core to create a smooth finish that can be lacquered over. Available flush panel door sizes do vary, so we suggest calling us to discuss your needs. At Ultimate Doors, we help select door options for every style, design and budget.

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Ultimate Doors offers a wide selection of doors and services to businesses across Melbourne. For more information on any of our products or services, or to find out which products are best for your next design contact us today. For high-quality door solutions that last, trust the professionals at Ultimate Doors.

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