Exits that Ensure Safe Egress During an Emergency

As a building or business owner, you have an obligation to ensure the safety of your tenants and employees. A well-functioning emergency exit door is one of the many safety features you should have in place to fulfil that obligation.

Whether you require the installation, repair, maintenance or replacement of your emergency exit doors, you can count on Ultimate Doors to provide high-quality and efficient solutions to your needs.

Ensuring Safety in Times of Emergencies

The importance of emergency exits should not be understated— providing an accessible, fast, and safe way to evacuate a building in case of an emergency is critical for any commercial establishment.

Ordinary doors cannot suffice as emergency exits. For example, an emergency exit door is typically designed for a large number of people to pass through. It may have crash bars or a lever downwards action handle and be wide enough to avoid the risk of people getting trampled or injured, or worse, not being able to evacuate in time. Besides the size, there are many other factors to be taken into consideration for an emergency exit door, including compliance with building codes and safety legislation, ease and accessibility of the door’s opening mechanism, and path of travel.

The simplest way to ensure your emergency exits adhere to safety standards, is to have experts like us fit your doors.

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Servicing Emergency Exit Doors in Melbourne

Ultimate Doors is a customer-focused team of certified tradesmen with over 35 years of experience in servicing commercial doors. We can help you ensure that your establishment has durable and safety-compliant emergency exit doors to help you keep everyone in your building safe.

Aside from emergency exits, we also service fire doors, smoke doors, pivot doors, factory escape doors, and other commercial door types. Contact us or call our team at 0413 009 070 to book or inquire about our services.

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