As a business that relies on high footfall to succeed, cafe owners have unique needs for their doors. With a consistent flow of customers per hour, commercial cafe doors need to be durable, easy to open and close and perform well during prolonged periods of high usage.

Melbourne’s coffee drinkers are spoiled for choice, so it’s important to make sure their first impression of your cafe is a positive one. Ultimate Doors will ensure that the doors in your cafe are not just secure and functional but also look polished and welcoming.

Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs of Cafe Doors

Our experienced team specializes in supplying, installing and maintaining commercial doors. Heavy use can wear down doors and slow down the customer’s journey, while doors that are cracked, misaligned or difficult to operate can negatively affect customer opinion. Furthermore, a poorly performing door can also become a safety risk, both by causing injury to customers and making your business susceptible to break-ins.

Ensure that the doors in your cafe continue working day after day by setting up scheduled maintenance and necessary repairs. Feel confident that our knowledgeable team will be able to expertly fit and replace any doors during a planned renovation or when a repair isn’t enough.

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Smart Tech Doors to Secure Your Business

Keep your business safe with our smart lock technology. With multiple options including sensors, alarms, and automated lock systems, Ultimate Door will be able to install the technology services you need to keep your cafe secure.

Count on Us for Commercial Doors

Ultimate Doors has supplied expert door installations and maintenance to a wide range of commercial industries in the Melbourne area for more than 35 years. We have the knowledge and experience to service every business, from traditional cafes to cozy coffee shops and everything in between.

Looking for installation services for your cafe’s doors? We’re happy to help. Contact our team today or give us a call at 0413 009 070.

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