Bifold doors are a unique addition to any space and can be used seamlessly inside and out. From their uses being as simple as wardrobe doors to more complex entryways, bifolds are versatile for any design. With any door that has multiple hinges, proper repairs and maintenance can extend the life of your doors and help reduce the chances of costly replacements. Whether you need simple hinge repairs or full door repairs, our team of professionals can help get your doors back in working order quickly and efficiently.

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Efficient Bifold Door Repairs

Your bifolds may need repairs for a number of reasons. Common repairs include bifold door roller replacement, hinge replacement and tightening and physical door repairs. When your doors need fixing, it’s important to enlist the help of a professional to ensure you don’t cause further damage. As repairs can cause damage to the frame and hardware of your doors, using a professional is essential for the longevity of your bifolds.

If you’re in need of bifold door repairs in the Melbourne area, contact the professionals at Ultimate Doors. Our dedicated team is experienced in a wide range of door repairs and can complete repairs quickly and efficiently, as to minimise the required downtime of your business. We can also work to schedule your repair around peak business hours to minimise disruption.

Repairs, Maintenance & Installation

In addition to our bifold repairs, we offer comprehensive bifold door servicing. Our bifold door maintenance services ensure your doors remain in working order and can extend the life of your doors. Our maintenance services also ensure any damage is caught early so continued wear doesn’t make the problem worse.

In the event your bifold doors cannot be repaired, we can source and supply a wide range of doors and can assist you with installation and replacement. Our selection of services ensures your business has everything it needs to keep its doors running smoothly, without damage.

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